Götting TRX.

I have 2 Götting transceivers the HG70D and the HG70c they are 2M AM,FM,SSB transceivers.
This is a German brand old top class TRX's from 1972 for the D version.
The C version is from before 1972.

The D version was from my dad, he was the first owner, he bought this TRX smewhere 1972.
This version was fully transistorized with an BLY94 in the final
Also they used in some models an CTC-B12-28 as driver and an CTC-B40-28 as final.

In the C version they used 2 tubes in the final. QQe03/12 as driver and a QQE06/40 as final.
The power output is 40W for both models
both versions looks identically.

See below this page to see pictures from both transceivers

The price in those days where for the C version 2775 DM.
The D version 3075 DM.

Click here to see my pictures from the D version
Click here to see my pictures from the C version.

Götting TRX Click here to see more about Götting History and equipment. (Source DL8ZAJ)

Yaesu FT101ZD

My Yaesu FT101ZD is from 1982.

The transceiver is the MK3 version with the WARC bands.
The previous owner was my father who is also radio amateur.
He bought this transceiver new in 1982.
The transceiver has few transmit ours and is in mind condition.
I cleaned all potentiometers en the deck switch.
I replaced the "killer condensor" in the final.
it's the condensor between the anode of the driver 12BY7 tube and the first final tube 6146B (2 pieces).
The condensor is originaly an 1000pF 1KV
I replaced it with an 1000pF 3KV.
This part will fail in time and puts then 300V on the grid of the 6146B’s, who in turn pull all the current they can get,destroying the tubes and the power transformer.
if you are
not nearby, rendering the transceiver useless.

Click here to see the fotoalbum from replacing the "killer cap"

Type: Amateur HF transceiver
Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC in 12 bands
1.8-2.0 MHz (160 m)
3.5-4.0 MHz (80 m)
7.0-7.5 MHz (40 m)
10.0-10.5 MHz (30 m)
14.0-14.5 MHz (20 m)
18.0-18.5 MHz (17 m)
21.0-21.5 MHz (15 m)
24.5-25.0 MHz (12 m)
28.0-28.5 MHz (10 m A)
28.5-29.0 MHz (10 m B)
29.0-29.5 MHz (10 m C)
29.5-29.9 MHz (10 m D)
Power supply: Mains: 100 / 110 / 117 / 200 / 220 / 234 VAC (13.5 VDC option)
Current drain/power consumption: RX: 85 VA A (73 VA heater off) @ mains
RX: 5.5 A (1.1 A heater off) @ 13.5 VDC
TX: Max 330 VA @ mains
TX: Max 21 A @ 13.5 VDC
Antenna impedance/connector: 50-75 ohms / SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D): 345*157*326 mm (13.58*6.18*12.83")
Weight: 15 Kg (33.1 lbs)
Receiver system: Single conversion superheterodyne
IF: 9 MHz
Sensitivity: AM: 0.5 uV (10 dB S/N)
SSB/CW: 0.25 uV (10 dB S/N)
Selectivity: AM/SSB: 2.4 KHz (-6 dB), 4 KHz (-60 dB)
CW: 600 Hz (-6 dB), 1.2 KHz (-60 dB), with optional CW filter
Image rejection: 60 dB (12-160 m)
>50 dB (10 m)
AF output power/speaker: 3 W at 10% distortion / 4 ohms
External speaker connector: 4-16 ohms
RF output power: AM: ~25 W (50 W DC input)
SSB/CW: ~100 W (180 W DC input)
Modulation system:  
Max FM deviation: No FM
Spurious emissions: Less than -40 dB
Microphone impedance/connector: 500-600 ohms / 4-pin
Manufactured: Japan, 198x-198x (Discontinued)
Additional info: Tube hybrid
Related documents: User manual (3 MB)
12BY7A driver
Two 6146B finals


Sommerkamp FT277ZD
this transceiver is the same as the Yaesu FT101ZD (MK1 version)

                             My film from the service on my Sommerkamp FT277ZD