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Measuring equipment.
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Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer.

The Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer provides excellent RF performance, a built-in frequency counter, full programmability, digital and true-analog displays, high portability, enough nonvolatile memory for 108 saved displays, and much more.
A straightforward human interface, with conveniently grouped, dedicated front-panel keys and simple, menu-driven functions makes the 2712 easy to learn and use. You can set frequency, span, and reference level directly from the front panel. A real-time clock provides an on-screen date and time display, plus date/time stamp capability for waveform printouts.
Frequency-corrected tuning and phase-lock stabilization enhance the ability to resolve close-in signals and reliably demodulate narrowband signals. Sensitivity up to -127 dBm (-80 dBmV) at 300-Hz resolution bandwidth (RBW) lets you see weak signals. The built-in preamp can improve sensitivity another 12 dB, up to -139 dBm (-92 dBmV). Up to 80-dB on-screen dynamic range ensures visibility of weak signals in the presence of strong ones.
A 300 Hz RBW filter with a shape factor <7:1 means you'll see many close-in sidebands and spurious or unexpected signals you might otherwise miss. At the other end of the spectrum the 5-MHz RBW filter is useful when demodulating wideband signals such as actively modulated video carriers.
The built-in signal counter, with 0.5 ppm ±10 Hz accuracy, offers added power for rapidly identifying signals. The capability to choose between digital and true-analog displays lets you examine signals for characteristics that are not visible on digital-only displays.
Sweep speeds of 1 µsec/div, TV Line and TV Field triggering, an internal audio amplifier, AM/FM detectors, and the optional Video Monitor Mode all make video communications measurements easier.
Bandwidth, Carrier-to-Noise, Noise Power, Signal Search, and FM Deviation modes provide additional measurement power and convenience. Occupied Bandwidth Mode, with percent settable from 1 to 99%, aids in broadcast and radio measurements.
The internal tracking generator provides high dynamic range swept measurements to 1.8 GHz.