Rigol DG1022 function generator.

The Rigol DG1022 2-channel random function generators are affordable but very capable function generators.
Programmable via USB with the UltraWave software, simple specific signals can be sent via the 14-bit primary channel. Moreover, there is not yet a 10-bit secondary channel whose phase can be synchronized with the primary channel. With the help of Direct Digital Synthesis, the 1022 delivers reliable and precise signals. The simple and clear interface makes it easy to get started with the function generators.


The difference between the two models is in the bandwidth, furthermore these function generators are identical.

Model DG1022 DG1022A
Bandbreedte 20 MHz 25 MHz
Sample rate 100 MS/s 100 MS/s
Prijs € 315,00 € 440,00


Sinus Blokgolf Puls Ramp Ruis Arbitrair
1μHz ~ 20MHz 1μHz ~ 20MHz 500μHz ~ 3MHz 1μHz ~ 150KHz 5Mhz 1μHz ~ 5MHz
Precisie ± 100 ppm na een jaar
Functie lengte CH 1: 4k punten
CH 2: 1k punten
Verticale resolutie CH 1: 14 bits
CH 2: 10 bits
Geheugen 10 functies
Modulatie AM, FM, PM, FSK, Sweep, Burst
Display Zwart wit LCD (256 x 64)
Afmetingen 232 mm x 108 mm x 288 mm (bxhxd)
Gewicht 2.56 kg

                                    Signal generator RIGOL DG1022U (tutorial)