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Yaesu FT101ZD

This Yaesu FT101ZD (MK3 version) was purchased new by my father in the early 80's. This transceiver has made very few connections in its life.... The last 30 years this TRX has not been in use. I got this from my father, and had to do maintenance service. First I had to clean all potentiometers and all switches, for this I used PCC cleaner, DO NOT USE CONTACT CLEANER!! Then I replace the "killer condenser" if it fails, the full 300 volts will be applied to the grid of the 2nd power tube in the PA.
This causes the power supply transformer to draw all the current it can supply....result?....a defective power supply transformer
and defective then have a demolition set. It is therefore important to renew this capacitor in advance. Normally the original is a 1KV version, when replacing it is better to have one of 3KV.

Below picture of the "killer cap"

You can see an video of replacing the "killer cap"please see the Sommerkamp FT277ZD (same as the Yaesu FT101ZD)

Click here for the service manual of the Yaesu FT101ZD

Click here or on the picture to see the fotoalbum of the replacing the "killer cap