The successor to the 2G70B was consequently the HG70C.
It is largely transistorized but has a QQE 03-12 in the transmitter preamplifier and a QQE 06-40 in the output stage.
Here is a block diagram of this transceiver.

                         HG70C: Front view


The HG70D was the last 2 meter transceiver manufactured by Götting.
This device is completely transistorized. Otherwise it looks like the HG70C.
Either a 2N6200 or a BLY 94 was used in the final stage.
With this, the tranceiver brought an output power of 40 watts.
Hier ein Blockschaltbild des HG70D transmitter und des HG70D Empfängers

                                                           HG70D: Front view