The HG72A was designed by Götting as a mobile and portable transceiver. Like the big brothers, he covered the entire 2 meter tape. It could be operated on a car battery as well as portable with 9 baby cells. At 12 volts he made an FM output of 15 watts, with baby cells operated 1.5 watts output.


The successor to the HG72A was the HG72B. It was fully transistorized with the BLY 88A in the final stage. It could only be operated with 12 volts and produced 14 watts of output.
Unfortunately, I have no pictures of these two tranceivers.

HG70D in combination with the HG51B (see below) -> The "Götting Line" Here is an article by Eugen Koch, DL1HM from the CQ-DL, which was kindly made available to me by Hans-Heinrich Götting, DL3XW. HG70D In addition to these station transceivers, which could be operated with both 220V AC and 12 V DC, Götting also built a "slimmed down" version as a mobile transceiver.